Our Mission:


From Ordinary to Extraordinary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to empower women and girls, that have experienced domestic violence, through tools that will help them become profitable  and functional within society.


Our Mission

From Ordinary to Extraordinary mission is to help women who have suffered from domestic violence resurface their existence within society, through teaching a skilled trade that will help them become self-sufficient and maintain a healthy life balance for their children.

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Our Programs



Under the umbrella of "From Ordinary to Extraordinary" there are 3 programs that are offered to help enrich the lives of individuals that are in a unfortunate situation  as a result of domestic violence. 


Self- Reflection

A program designed to help broken and battered women regain self-esteem and self worth through extreme makeovers. We provide extreme makeovers to mothers who have suffered from domestic violence. Unfortunately, some of these women have faced the many hardships of sex trafficking. The purpose of these makeovers are to soften the outer appearance in order to deal with the hardness of what's been embedded on the inside such as, hurt, shame, disbelief, betrayal, self hate, loss of identity and the feeling of being invisible. From Ordinary to Extraordinary goal is to help these women resurface their existence within society. One of the ways that we help is through teaching a skilled trade that will help them become self-sufficient. 


birth with purpose

The Birth with Purpose program is designed to help pregnant women/ teens, that has suffered to the hands of their abuser, how to succeed as parents while maintaining a healthy life balance. 

Teen Control

 The purpose of this program is to help at risk girls who have witnessed their mothers' abuse communicate their emotions effectively without anger and avoid being misunderstood due to their inability  to properly express their emotions. We offer workshops and groups discussion to build character, accountability, and perseverance.



since 2013-continuing

From Ordinary to Extraordinary has helped   more than 700 women, aiding them in escaping domestic violence, gaining employment, and maintaining a well balanced life. 

From Ordinary to Extraordinary has impacted the lives of our youth, helping them communicate their emotions effectively without anger, which as a result have decreased school dropouts, teen pregnancy and suicidal rates. 




Get Involved

You can make a difference

There are as many ways to get involved as there are willing volunteers. Whether you have five minutes, five days, or five months, there's a path for you to make a difference in the lives of survivors of domestic violence, at risk youth, or young parents who all aim to better their lives but just need a helping hand to lead the way. No matter how you choose to get involved, know that every bit counts.


Volunteer opportunities

Our volunteers are some of From Ordinary to Extraordinary most valuable assets, and we greatly appreciate them. We welcome your generous donations of time and talent in helping us improve the lives of many children and families. 

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Your contribution will help improve the lives of those who are lost. No matter how large or small your gift will help restore a life from brokenness. Please make a donation as we continue to rebuild our community with one family at a time.